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Covid-19 preventive measures

IMPORTANT NOTICE Covid19 - Updated September 2021

Compostela Suites restarted as of June 1, 2020, its re-opening to individual reservations and we have adapted our procedures to protect our clients and employees from COVID-19.

Due to the exceptional situation that COVID19 has caused, we currently have some limited services.

Transportation service to the Airport, with hours from 05:00 to 09:30 in the morning and from 18:00 to 23:30 in the afternoon-night, between Compostela Suites and T1 of the Airport.

The Cafeteria, has a schedule from 07:30 to 16:30 and from 19:30 to 23:00, offering Buffet Breakfast, lunch, dinner and cafeteria service.

The pool is closed.

We will try to expand the services as soon as posible.

If you have any questions about a service that you consider important, please contact us so that we can inform you properly and that you make the right decision.

We are in a changing scenario and any of these measures or others may be quickly modified by the Authorities in order to always protect people's health.

Thank you very much for your trust and understanding.